Javascript Developer Intern - Wanted @Diginium Graphics


Diginium Graphics is a Tunisian software development firm based in Sousse that operates in the mobile technology space. At Diginium Graphics, you would write mobile or web software for a highly-known clients in different industries as well as owned mobile solutions used by millions of users around the globe.

We're looking for a Full-Stack JavaScript Developer Intern, comfortable with web concepts, Javascript language, building APIs and REST requests.

The intern will help building one of our new initiatives in the social communication and mobile technologies.


Diginium Graphics office in Sousse. On-site work is mandatory, remote possibility is to be discussed.

The Internship Work Assignment and Learning Opportunity The Software Engineer Intern will support our engineers in the hands-on development of Highly Visible, Mobile-Friendly, Web-based solution. Individual will gain experience in implementing state-of-the-art web and mobile development techniques and design patterns while directly contributing to the realization to new and innovative mobile and web product.


  • Experience in JavaScript, NodeJs and Front-end frameworks

  • Knowledge of Firebase Framework is a big asset

  • Understanding of Object Oriented Programming concepts

  • Ability to program in HTML5, CSS3

  • Knowledge of databases, SQL and data management

  • Native mobile development experience is a great asset (Android or iOS)

Send us an email at:

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