Diginium Graphics is looking for an Android Developer - Student Intern

We are looking for a highly motivated and self-learner Android Developer - Student Intern to work on some great projects at Diginium Graphics.

The Android Developer - Student Intern will work remotely on some cool projects and some updating some existing Android apps to integrate new cool features and support a larger community of user world wide.


  • Incredible work ethic

  • Comfortable with Android development

  • Exceptional reasoning and problem solving skills

  • Knowledge of Android best-practices programming and Design Patterns

  • Experience with Android layouts and multi-threading

  • Experience with git, github and Jira

  • Familarity with integrating third party libraries into Android projects

  • The desire to learn everything

Bonus Points:

  • Expreience with REST apis

  • Experience with Databases

  • Experience with JNI, C++, Java development

To apply send us an email to: diginium.graphics@gmail.com

with title: Android Developer Intern Opportunity - 1014

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